Family Chiropractic Care

While it may seem like a chiropractor is only needed for adults experiencing back or neck pain, there are a variety of benefits to chiropractic care for the whole family. Everyone, including babies, children, and pregnant women, can experience, not just pain relief, but benefits to their immune system, sleep habits, and overall well-being. 

Being proactive about your health now can impact you and your family’s life as you age. When your family regularly visits a chiropractor as part of a wellness routine, they can take steps to prevent future injuries and health-related issues. Chiropractic care provides increased energy levels, improved digestion, better overall mobility, and many more benefits.

Tune Chiropractic provides chiropractic services for the whole family as part of a wellness care plan. Our chiropractic care ensures that your spine is properly aligned and that your body is functioning properly. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your family.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy puts added stress onto a woman’s body and can lead to a variety of pain including low back pain, sciatica, and leg cramps. The changes that the body undergoes through pregnancy lead to misalignment in the body including an increased back curve, changes in the pelvis, and changes in posture. Prenatal chiropractic care is safe and can provide much needed pain relief by realigning the spine and relieving stress in the body.

In addition to pain relief, prenatal chiropractic care helps support muscles around the womb which can also improve labor and delivery, sometimes reducing the amount of time it takes, as well as reducing the risk of c-section. 

Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

At Tune Chiropractic, we will determine a personalized treatment plan for your pregnancy and postpartum period based on your current symptoms, health, and unique needs. We utilize spinal adjustment methods that are designed to be safe and effective for pregnancy. These adjustments will relieve pain and tension around our joints, as well as stimulate your nervous system. We can also provide hip and pelvic adjustment that can help with fetal positioning. 

Chiropractic Care for Babies

Just like adults, newborns and infants can often need spinal adjustments to benefit their overall health and wellness. In addition to being part of a routine wellness plan, there are a variety of reasons that it may be beneficial for you baby to see a chiropractor, including:

· Colic: If your baby is experiencing colic and persistent crying, the root cause may be problems with their spinal joints and mobility. This can lead to an overload of stimulation that interrupts their sleep and causes them to cry.

· Difficulty Breastfeeding: If your baby is having a hard time latching during breastfeeding, it may be because they aren’t able to get into a comfortable feeding position. If their spine is misaligned, they may be experiencing discomfort because or pain when trying to feed.

· Use of Forceps during Delivery: Using forceps could have applied force to your baby’s spine that caused misalignment and movement restrictions. 

Newborn and Infant Chiropractic Treatment

The treatment for babies is similar to the treatment for adults, but with specialized techniques. They will receive safe, effective spinal alignment that will provide pain and pressure relief. For babies, their alignment is examined to determine the best treatment plan, and then gentle pressure is applied to the joints.

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Children go through a variety of changes as they grow, from bone growth to brain function, and chiropractic care is essential to keeping them healthy and preventing future pain. Their bodies undergo stress as they grow, and spinal misalignments can lead to long-term issues in adulthood if they are not promptly taken care of. 

From sports injuries to poor posture to heavy backpacks, a child has many opportunities to develop a misaligned spine as well as other spinal-related pains. Through chiropractic treatment options, we can align your child’s nervous system and ensure a healthy, pain-free childhood.

Treatment for Children

Like all chiropractic treatments, a child’s chiropractic treatment will start with determining the root cause of their pain and the best treatment plan for their body. By examining their spinal alignment, posture, strength, and overall health, we can determine the type of safe, gentle chiropractic methods to use.

We can provide spinal manipulation with a specialized method for children to properly align their spine and joints. We can also recommend stretches, physical exercises, and nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent future damage.

Contact Tune Chiropractic for Family Chiropractic Care

An appointment at the chiropractor is an important part of every family’s wellness plan. We can provide individualized care for every member of your family including children, babies, and pregnant women. Contact us today to learn more.